Things To Know About Rubbish Disposal In Stockwell

Rubbish removal is a serious matter. Residents in Stockwell and the whole of UK need to be aware of the trash tendencies and shocking statistics on waste generation. We all live in a world that is polluted and full of trash and we need to do something to stop the environmental pollution. We should first get familiar with some shocking facts about rubbish removal and then try to minimise our carbon footprint.


  1. Over 7.2 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year and more than half of it is perfectly edible while 1 in 7 people doesn't have enough food to eat. If you reduce your food wastage in Stockwell you can save around £50 a month.
  2. Supermarkets reject between 20% and 40% of vegetables and fruit because they do not comply with their cosmetic standards (because they are weird looking, lumpy or misshapen).
  3. People in the UK use approximately 500 million plastic bags weekly and they need around 500 years to decompose in landfill.
  4. Britons use around 6 billion glass bottles and jars every year! If they all end up in the local tips they will never decompose.
  5. Waste recycling is a great thing but we should reuse instead of recycling because this is the best way to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to the landfills in Stockwell.


So to reduce your carbon footprint you need to stop wasting food and start reusing. Waste clearance is the most efficient way to get rid of junk without harming nature. You can declutter your home and dispose of your waste in a nature-friendly way.

Hire an eco-conscious rubbish removal company

To make sure you are not polluting the environment you should use a professional rubbish removal in Stockwell. Choose a company that uses eco-friendly rubbish removal methods or donates part of the rubbish they collect. They will sort your rubbish after they take it away from your home and then transport it to the local recycling plant. Some companies in Stockwell have contracts with charitable organisations and they donate the items that are reusable and in good condition. You will save time if you hire such a company as the process of donating can take time and effort.

Make compost pile

Waste removal companies will refuse to take your food waste as it requires special treatment. Instead of looking for a way to legally dispose of food waste you can make a compost pile in your backyard. Keep in mind that you can use grass, clippings, fruit, vegetables and egg shells to create your compost. If you are a keen gardener you will enrich the soil in your garden and have a healthy produce. The best way to reduce food wastage is by making sure you buy enough food to cover your daily needs. No need to store food in the refrigerator when you can eat fresh food every day.

Separate your waste

Before deciding whether to recycle or donate you should separate the rubbish you have at home. You should prepare 3 bins - one for glass, one for paper and the last one for plastic. You can give a new lease of life to some of your possessions. For instance, if you need pillows you can make them from the old sweaters in your closet. Reuse only if you need certain items, don’t clutter your home with items you won’t use. Recycle plastic, paper and glass and you will do your bit for the environment.

Waste collection companies offer discounts and deals that are designed to save you some cash. Take advantage of them and you will reduce your carbon footprint without spending a fortune on rubbish removal. Keeping nature safe is the best way to make sure we live in a healthier environment.


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